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Freedom Archives celebrated
our 10th anniversary on
November 11, 2009 with a
great party in SF,
honoring the work, imagination
and contributions of our
interns and volunteers!

Linda Evans with her quilt for the raffle
Thanks Linda Evans for your support
and beautiful quilt!

 Kiilu Nyasha
Founders Emiliano Echeverria and Kiilu Nyasha

Nina Serrano  Lincoln Bergman
Founders Nina Serrano and Lincoln Bergman

Jess Heaney, Erika Zarco, Jamila King
Jess Heaney, Erika Zarco, Jamilah King

Marita and Isablel Alegria
Marita and Isabel Alegria

Prentis Hemphill
Prentis Hemphill

Nat Smith and Walter Turner - Board Members

Francisco Torres and Richard Brown of the SF 8

Ray Boudreaux and Hank Jones of the SF8

Claude and Linda Evans

Starting the next 10 Years of:
  • preserving the past
  • illuminating the present
  • shaping the future

Many thanks from Leticia, Prentis, Sele and Claude

Anita Johnson Erika at Anniversary

Anita Johnson of Hard Knock

Erika Zarco, one of our first interns,
spoke about helping create
The Vinyl Project

Thank you to DJs Sake-1 & Emancipation
Thank you to the great crew at 330 Ritch!

We have been a part of a growing community of resistance – trying to connect radical history and media to new emerging culture and movement building. Your support continues to make this possible, and with you, we will continue to grow and share this vision of a more just and equitable world!

Some of our community partners: The MOAD, The Galeria, Manilatown Heritage Foundation, Susan Greene – La Lucha Mural, National Radio Project – Lisa Rudman, AK Press – who help produce and distribute all our work, Evan Bissell and Youth Speaks for talking art, Collision Course Video – Doug Norberg for all the production and duplication help

Lincoln Bergman and Andres Alegria – For all the amazing years of help on every project & Rob McBride for all the web work.

Roots of Resistance – Lincoln Bergman & Barbara Lubinski
Prisons on Fire – Anita Johnson, Rhonda Ramiro and all the participants –  David Johnson, Sundiata Tate, Bato Talamantez, Angela Davis, Elizabeth Fink, Michael Deutch – the Attica Brothers and George Jackson
Wild Poppies – Barbara Lubinski, Friends of Marilyn Buck & many, many poets
Vinyl Project – Andria Lesser, Marco Malatesa & Erika Zarco
Chile: Promise of Freedom – Andres, Isabel and Marita Alegria, Kim Davis, Daniel Del Solar, Lillian Ortiz & Nina Serrano
Charisse Shumate: Fighting for our Lives – Eve Goldberg & California Coalition for Women Prisoners
The Voices of 3 Political Prisoners – Eve Goldberg & Lisa Rudman
Self Respect, Self Defense & Self Determination – Kathleen Cleaver, Mabel Williams & Angela Davis for the event & Doug Norberg for the video
Robert F Williams – Andres Alegria, Lincoln Bergman, Rachel Herzing, Sele Nadel-Hayes & Mabel and John Williams
Legacy of Torture – all the participants especially the late John Bowman – Ray Boudreaux, Richard Brown, Soffiyah Elijah, Harold Taylor & the crew – Andres Alegria, Isaac Ontiveros, Erika Sokolower-Shain, & Salim Elijah
Paul Robeson: Words Like Freedom – Prentis Hemphill, Sele Nadel-Hayes & Bonnie Weiss of the Bay Area Paul Robeson Centennial Committee

Penny Schoner – Banner & support, Mix CD – Robynn Takayama, Leticia Miranda, and Jamilah King, Emily Encina for the video loop, Hanzel Morato and Thomas Master – Database, Chuy Varela music & tapes and Jorge Herrera for Pajaro Latino, Judy Gerber for many programs, Felipe Neira and Steve Ubiera for tech help, Greg & Camilo Landau for sound sweetening, James McCaffrey, Lisa Roth, and Granger Davis – artwork and design, Scott Braley for photography, Ernesto Aguilar for podcasts, Emiliano Echeverria for saving the originals from doom

Special extra thanks to Nancy Barrett, Jayden Donahue, Prentis Hemphill, Rachel Herzing, Anita Johnson, Barbara Lubinski, Deb Schneider, Nat Smith, Robynn Takayama, Walter Turner for all the hard work on that night!

And to the Arismendi Bakery, Cheese Board Collective, and Rainbow Grocery for all your contributions.