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The Vinyl Project

Vinyl cover

The Vinyl Project is a tool for DJs, musicians, MCs, activists and most of all the people.

The soundbites on this record include chilling voices on repression and glimmering assertions of resistance. The Vinyl Project collective hopes these sounds will pollinate your beats, noise, melodies and community.

Core Crew:
Erika Zarco
dj slo-mo malatesta of entartete kunst
Claude Marks
Andria Lessler

Mastering Engineer:
Shawn Hatfield (Twerk)

Granger A. Davis

Anita Johnson
Sharon Luk
Monica Ly
Alan Rees

This project was made possible in part by funding from the People's Life Fund & the Agape Foundation.

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12" Record & CD available

Spoken Word from The Archives

79 spoken word pieces (ranging from a few seconds to a minute or so) and soundbites to be used by djs, musicians, and everyone else to mix into their music.

Tracks Ready to Sample

Tracks from a whole galaxy of folks you'll want to sample, including Howard Zinn, Angela Davis, Assata Shakur, David Gilbert, Arundhati Roy, Noam Chomsky, Emma Goldman, Christian Parenti, Earth Liberation Front, Judi Bari, Geronimo Pratt, Alexander Cockburn, Ward Churchill, Weather Underground, Cherrie Moraga, Malcolm X, Raul Garcia, Ramsey Muniz, Martin Luther King, and many many more. Superb!

All 79 Tracks
1 Black Panther Kids Power to the People 41 Raul García Para Nosotros de la Raza
2 Howard Zinn Slavery is back 42 Ramsey Muñiz Try me out
3 Angela Davis Increasingly incarcerated society 43 Ramsey Muñiz The Brown Case
4 California Prison Focus Torture going on in California's prisons 44 David Gilbert Wink of Democracy
5 Assata Shakur New form of plantation 45   The cops and the Klan
6 California Prison Focus U.N. definition of torture 1984 46 David Gilbert Other forms of struggle
7 David Gilbert I shouldn't be in prison 47 Amiri Baraka Defeat of its parents
8  Stop trickin' White Folks 48 Martin Luther King, Jr. The war in Vietnam
9 Arundhati Roy Who nobody elected 49 Arundhati Roy The hidden fist
10 Noam Chomsky Bitter class war 50 Cherrie Moraga Poisoned alphabet economic soup
11 Emma Goldman Fiery Red Emma 51 Arundhati Roy Dominated by the U.S.
12 Christian Parenti Capitalism needs poverty 52 Manu Chao They kill everything with money
13  American people are the last people to wake up 53 Assata Shakur I see myself struggling
14 Earth Liberation Front Economic sabotage 54 Cherrie Moraga A 500 year history of invasion
15 Judi Bari Nobody speaking for the timber workers 55 Noam Chomsky Blood that's dripping
16 Judi Bari All part of corporate exploitation 56 Chicano Moratorium Organizing against genocide
17 Arundhati Roy World beyond America 57 Noam Chomsky Anarcho-syndicalism
18 Geronimo Pratt Avaricious pigs 58 Lorenzo Komboa Police brutality
19 Earth Liberation Front Amazingly hypocritical 59 Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzalez Political prisoners
20 Noam Chomsky Out of Washington 60 Puerto Rico Not successful in that aspect
21 Bush A decision to make 61 Howard Zinn What can we do about it
22 Noam Chomsky If the Nuremberg were applied 62 David Johnson Self-defense
23 Alexander Cockburn We think the price is worth it 63  On Lolita Lebron
24 Ward Churchill Stop killing other people's babies 64 David Gilbert Every empire
25 Weather Underground Policies of extermination 65 Alexander Cockburn You can frighten the ruling class
26 Assata Shakur My beliefs 66 Ward Churchill Deal with it
27 FALN  67 KMEX TV On Ruben Salazar's death
28 Geronimo Pratt The biggest criminal gang 68 Weather Underground Resist with all our creativity
29 Dylcia Pagán Our freedom 69 Weather Underground Mind controlling maniacs
30 Puerto Rican women   70 Howard Zinn Think for yourself
31 Weather Underground Myth of man 71 Noam Chomsky Everybody marches
32 Woman from Tulia Gonna stand 72 Howard Zinn Military intervention disastrous
33 Judi Bari This is about all of us 73 Michael Parenti Corporate media
34 Cherrie Moraga Two-spirit folks 74 Noam Chomsky Corporate propaganda
35  Do not negotiate 75 Noam Chomsky Indoctrination essence of democracy
36 Cherrie Moraga This is not my country but it is my land 76 Howard Zinn Governments lie
37 Arundhati Roy Shrink wrap 77 Noam Chomsky Education is a system
38 Ward Churchill I'm a member of a nation 78 Cherrie Moraga We don't forget
39 Ramsey Muñiz and José Angel Gutierrez We're poor, and Raza Unida and Chicano People    

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