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Freedom Archives Internship Application
Thanks for your interest in the Freedom Archives! Please answer the following questions so we can learn more about you, your goals and your interest in the Archives. Please email us at
info (at)

We'd like your name, contact email
* How did you hear about the Freedom Archives?
* What aspect of the Freedom Archives is most interesting to you?
* What skills would you like to gain during your internship?
* Have you ever been involved in any community or political organizing? If so, what?
* Do you have any experience working in a library, archive, museum, etc? If so, where? What were your duties?

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Internship Program

The Freedom Archives internship program is designed for students in high school or college and community youth interested in working with historical materials that document peoples struggle for freedom. No prior library or media training is necessary, just a desire to learn and engage with the resources in the Archives. This is an unpaid internship with high school or college credit available for those who require it. The Freedom Archives has worked with youth from local high schools, colleges, and Bay Area communities in audio production and archival research. We presently have relationships with MetWest High School, June Jordan School for Equity, Urban High School, the University of San Francisco, San Francisco State University and others.


We’re excited to offer the opportunity for students and youth to work with us here at the Archives. Duties and responsibilities can range from cataloging to archival research to audio production depending on area of interest and skill set. All interns must complete a brief in-house training session before working with archival materials. 

What we are looking for:


Freedom Archives offers opportunities for your students to work hands on with historical documents and media, improve their writing and critical thinking skills and fulfill internship requirements. We ask that interns engage materials in our collections with an open mind, conduct appropriate research for historical context, catalog materials and summarize the contents for our database. Interns may also be encouraged to produce a project using the Archives’ material that articulates their own struggle for liberation/ and or relevant social issues.

Using the Archives in Your Classroom

As you find yourselves developing curriculum and lesson plans, consider expanding the dimensions of the classroom experience to include some of the progressive voices from our collection. Our full collection is searchable and available at If you require your students to work within the community and outside of the classroom exploring media and history, call our offices (415-863-9977) to make an appointment to discuss possibilities.