30 Years After the Attica Rebellion:

A 29-minute radio documentary about the origins of the
modern anti-prison movement

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September, 2001 marks the 30th anniversary of the Attica Rebellion in New York. This massive prison takeover by hundreds of inmates and the callous repression and murders by the state of New York are part of a unique moment in US history.

Who were the Attica Brothers?
Why did they seize control of the prison?
What makes Attica important to the anti-prison movement today?

Featuring historical materials from the Freedom Archives. Voices include:

  • Frank 'Big Black' Smith, Attica Brother and prison activist
  • L.D. Barkley, Attica Brother killed during the re-taking of the prison
  • Elizabeth Fink, attorney for the Attica Brothers
  • Michael Deutsch, attorney for the Attica Brothers
  • Historical recordings in Attica prison during the rebellion and the bloody retaking of the prison

Knowing what happened in the early 1970s prison movement is essential for youth, communities of color and progressives to effectively confront today's unprecedented prison growth. We bring you this history through the voices of the people who were there - taking young people back to a time filled with lessons for today and tomorrow.

Available on our new CD, Prisons on Fire

The Committee to End the Marion Lockdown has the video of the Attica
film available. It costs $50 + 4 s&h. Checks should me made out to CEML and
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