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9,200 Prisoners Still Imprisoned in 28 Israeli Prisons and Detention Camps

GAZA, Palestine, December 28, 2005 (IPC) - - Ministry of Detainees' 
Affairs announced Tuesday that nearly 9,200 prisoners and detainees 
are still in 28 Israeli prisons as well as detention camps. Some 270 
prisoners were arrested during last November and they are now in 
investigation centers and jails. A statistical report that was made 
available for the IPC pointed out that Israeli occupation forces 
(IOF) arrested more than 650,000 prisoners since 1967 until today. 
That is 20% of the total population of the Palestinian territories.

The report said that there were new detainees who were detained in 
the last few months and their procedures have not been completed yet. 
Furthermore, there are newly detained prisoners among which nearly 
250 citizens were arrested during last October and 270 citizens last November.

The report pointed out that despite the current period of calm, the 
number of Palestinian prisoners increased continually since the 
Israeli occupation forces resumed its campaign of random arrests. The 
total number of the citizens arrested reached almost 3,000 prisoners 
and detainees since the Sharm Al-Sheikh Conference.

The report of the ministry made clear that 570 prisoners were 
arrested before Al-Aqsa Intifada and have since then been in custody. 
They represent 6.2 % of the total number of prisoners. Moreover, 369 
prisoners who were arrested before the establishment of the 
Palestinian National Authority (PNA) represent 4% of the total number 
of the Palestinian prisoners. 201 prisoners were arrested after the 
Oslo Accords and before the Al-Aqsa Intifada, and they are all still 
in custody and form 2.2% of the total number of prisoners.

The report mentioned also that more than 400 female prisoners were 
arrested during the Al-Aqsa Intifada, 116 of them are still in 
custody which represents 1.3% of the total female prisoners. 107 
female prisoners are from the West Bank; 6 from Jerusalem, and 3 from 
the Gaza Strip who do not exceed 18 years of age. Moreover, 25 female 
prisoners were arrested this year, and 35 were arrested last year in 2004.

The report pointed out that almost 4,000 children were arrested from 
the beginning of Al-Aqsa Intifada. 15 children were from Jerusalem, 6 
from the Gaza Strip, 280 were from the West Bank; 77 from Nablus, 62 
from Ramallah, and 27 from Hebron. They consisted of 295 males and 6 females.

The report also mentioned that 79 children form 26.2% of the children 
detainees. The children detainees are sick and suffering from many 
different diseases, and that hundreds of the children detainees 
exceeded 18 years inside the Israeli jails and they are still incarcerated.

99 % of the children who were arrested were subjected to torture, 
particularly by putting a special kind of bag that gives off 
obnoxious smell on their heads, let alone to the many other sorts of 
physical torment. 200 others are in Talmond jail, 67 children in the 
detention camps of Ofer; 20 in Majedo; 10 in Negev detention camps in 
addition to other concentration camps.

As for the health conditions of the prisoners, the Prisoners' Affairs 
report pointed out that nearly 140 prisoners were arrested before 
Al-Aqsa Intifada and that they are suffering badly. Some of them are 
suffering heart diseases and arthritis as well as 1,200 prisoners who 
suffer from different chronic diseases. Some of them were arrested 
after being injured by shooting and no treatment was offered.

Also, torturing is still practiced by the Israeli occupation against 
the prisoners. The report confirmed that Israel is still torturing 
the prisoners which is banned against international prisoners of war, 
referring that Israel is still the only country that permits torture 
and imparts legitimacy on it. The crime of torture was officially 
allowed in Israel backed by the Israeli High court, in an effort to 
make the Israeli secret services in Israel enjoy a new rotten 
technique of extracting information, or to force prisoners to confess 
to crimes they did not commit.

The report mentioned the martyrs who died in prisons are 181 
prisoners. They died as a result of torture, murder, and lack of 
health care. The latest case in point was Abu Mgheiseeb who died at 
the age of 18, in the Negev detention camp on July 8, 2005 as a 
result of medical carelessness.

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