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  Now is The Key Time to Act to Save Tookie Williams:

  1. Make your call TODAY (Schwarzenegger - 916.445.2841)

  2. Rally for Clemency on Thursday, 10AM at the Capitol
  Building in Sacramento (other events at

3. Send a Letter to the Editor under 250 words,
  include your
  address and phone # to triblet at angnewspapers.com,
  letters at sfchronicle.com and other papers
  (samples at www.savetookie.org)

  Please make your call TODAY to save the life
  of Stanly "Tookie" Williams.  Governor
  Schwarzenegger will likely decide tomorrow
or not to grant Tookie clemency.  Now is the
  key time for action.

  1. Call AND e-mail Governor Schwarzenegger at
  916.445.2841 and governor at governor.ca.gov - Be
patient! It may be busy.  A petition and sample
letter at www.savetookie.com


On December 8th, Governor Schwarzenegger will hold a
clemency hearing for Stanley "Tookie" Williams with
  defense lawyers, Los Angeles County prosecutors and
other involved parties. The governor has set a
30-minute time limit for each side to argue its
  position on clemency. Schwarzenegger has the authority
  to commute a death sentence to life without parole.
  The People's Clemency Hearing for Stanley Tookie
  Williams will take place on the steps of the State
  Capitol Building in Sacramento at 10:00am on December

The whole world will be watching! Let's be there in
force.  If you want to carpool with Jonah Zern give him a call


Stanly "Tookie" Williams is scheduled to be executed
  by the State of California on December 13.

  Tookie was one of the founders of the Crips gang in
  Los Angeles; he grew up in poverty, without
opportunity, and took his leadership skills in a
  negative direction.  A direction that, as a teacher, I
can see many of the youth that I meet going with their
  brilliance and creativity because our state and
country does not give them the support that they need
to come out of the violence and poverty that surrounds

  Since his activities with the Crips, Tookie has turned
  into a "Peacemaker".  He has been nominated five times
  for the Nobel Peace Prize and was given the 2005
Presidential Call to Service Award for the powerful
  work he has done in writing and creating a film for
  inner-city youth about moving away from gang life and
  violence.  His work has lead to the transformation of
  the lives of thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands
  of youth.

  His death would be a travesty to  youth throughout
California growing up in poverty and violence as it
would show them that there is no hope in turning their
lives around, in getting out of their current
situation.  It would kill someone who means
life and hope to many of them.

In life we all make mistakes and go down wrong paths.
  It is the strongest and most brave of us who are able
to recognize a wrong direction and make things right.
Let us make a decision to allow a man to live, to
continue a life inspiring others to live in a way of
peace and light, to help us believe in something

To get involved in the struggle to save Tookie's life
go to www.savetookie.org .

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