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Published: Tuesday, December 06, 2005
Bylined to: <mailto:franzjutta at cantv.net>Franz J.T. Lee

This political tragedy should never happen to the Bolivarian Revolution!

party, the Movement for the Fifth Republic (MVR), 
won 114 or 68% of the 167 seats in the new 
National Assembly, according to preliminary 
results that MVR deputy William Lara announced 
this evening. Pro-Chavez parties won all 167 
seats in the new National Assembly."

University of Los Andes (ULA) professor Franz J. 
T. Lee writes: Very little will change when, 
within the next few days, the CNE will pronounce the final results.

Everywhere, on the streets, in public places, 
locally, nationally and internationally, the 
results of the Venezuelan parliamentary elections 
are being discussed or criticized, praised or 
condemned, approved or declared illegitimate ... 
all typical actions and reactions to the failed 
electoral coup ... the day after the fact!

What concretely and officially happened on 
December 4 seems to be of the lesser importance 
... more and more, the bottom line of the 
historic event gains revolutionary significance.
    * The existential, crucial question for all 
Venezuelans is: What really has been launched, 
and what all still awaits us in the new year to come?

Two analysts have expressed the core of this 
issue very clearly: Minister of Education, 
Aristobulo Isturiz, and Eva Golinger. They placed 
the current events in Venezuela in their 
historical, dialectical, processual context, 
within the framework of imperialist 
globalization, within "the axis of evil," as part 
of the United States policy of "full spectrum 
dominance," of the violent conquest of the 
remaining strategic resources on the planet.

Aristobulo Isturiz pointed out that the 
"opposition" ... in its formal logical 
argumentation, in its "absolute truths," that at 
best serve infowar, disinformation, lies and 
ideology ... fears all forms of thinking, 
thought, reasoning, memory, comparison, theory, 
relation, that is, all true social, historic 
data. Scientifically, very easily the Caracas 
government can verify the legitimacy of its 
future parliamentarians, as compared to the 
miserable results acquired in the past by leading 
political figures of the "opposition" ... for 
example, the percentages of ex-President Rafael 
Caldera or the ex-Mayor of Caracas, the golpista Antonio Ledezma.

However, for Washington and its local lackeys, 
what is at stake in the failed electoral coup 
that was launched on December 4, has nothing to 
do with either scientific reality or philosophic 
truth. It concerns brutal, terrorist 
exploitation, domination. rampage, vandalism and corporate conquest.

Hence, let us not tarry much longer in presenting 
computer statistics, political calculations and 
virtual equivalents, that is, not waste our 
precious time anymore in speculative rigmaroles 
of fixed figures and solid values, even if they 
may be pertinent for official political 
legitimization. One thing is sure, they will not 
change the mind and heart of the class enemy who 
knows these truths much better than anyone of us, 
that is why he can disfigure them so effectively 
in his international mass media on a global scale.

For the Yankee bloody army boot, the only pretext 
that is valid, that is legitimate, is to shoot 
first, and only thereafter to dig up its 
"liberty" from the radio-active ashes and atomic 
rubble, caused by the mother of all bombs, that 
is, only a posteriori , fifty years later, Big 
Brother declassifies "history," his story, and 
studies any still possible, questionable, 
democratic computer statistics, for example, to 
determine the presence or absence of WMDs in Iraq in the previous millennium.

Aristobulo emphasized that this attempted 
electoral coup is the prelude to a coming much 
greater political and military coup of 2006. It 
is aimed directly at President Hugo Chavez Frias, 
to eliminate him and his Bolivarian Government by 
all necessary Machiavellian and Orwellian means. 
This is the coming Djakarta Model, the massacre 
of a million "communists," of thousands of Bolivarian militants.

It began in April 11, 2002 already, and is still in force.

It has to be stopped by all our national and 
international revolutionary and military might!

As we know, this whole process of international 
conspiracy against Venezuela follows various US 
subversive manuals and CIA terrorist models, and 
their respective, corresponding combinations. 
Aristobulo explained that the current model was 
already applied successfully in Haiti; here in 
Venezuela, as was already the case of other 
previous terrorist applications, this model is 
failing, simply because Chavez represents a 
government with a massive, popular, democratic 
base, supported by millions of Venezuelans, Latin 
Americans, democrats and socialists across the 
globe. This mass base will be broadened in the next parliament.

Eva Golinger in various interviews and 
publications underlines what Education Minister 
Aristobulo Isturiz highlighted. Within the 
international constellation, within the power 
struggle of the global, globalized giants, that 
is, within the immense economic wars for future 
hegemony, the main enemy of the coming 
totalitarian, fascist globalization currently is 
the Bolivarian Revolution, is Chavez' government 
in Venezuela, and its democratic support across the globe.

What used to be the "communist danger" during the 
epoch of the "Cold War," is now "terrorism," is 
the Bolivarian Revolution, is President Hugo 
Chavez Frias. As explained in previous 
commentaries, currently he is the strategic, 
tactical, wise spearhead of the tip of the global 
revolutionary ice-berg of emancipation against 
global fascism. In this sense, as Negation of 
Capitalism on a world scale, de facto, he is 
currently also the major, global, socialist 
leader of the downtrodden, of the "miserables," 
of the "condemned of the earth."

This is the real, true context of the vicious 
national and international attacks against 
Venezuela, of the golpista maneuvers of Washington and its lackeys here.

The idea is to declare illegitimate the 
parliamentary elections, to discredit the 
electoral power, the CNE ... that is ... not to 
accept any of its acts and decisions, and thus 
demand the nomination of a new CNE for the 
presidential elections of December 2006.

However, what elects and nominates the members of 
the CNE will be precisely the new "illegitimate" 
parliament, that, of course, the "opposition" 
will not recognize at all, thus the result will 
be a "political crisis," therewith "political 
chaos" called "ungovernability" will supposedly 
break out, a "tyrannical" case that will be 
welcomed by the US-directed OAS, by the United 
Nations, to launch foreign, military 
intervention, to again reestablish democratic "order" in Venezuela.

This is the new plan that just has begun.

At the same time, attempts are already being made 
to cause social chaos, to nurture social unrest 
and fear, to launch "civil war" of the types 
reigning currently in Colombia, Palestine, Haiti 
and Iraq. The bombing attempts, near Fuerte 
Tiuna, the blowing up of the oil and gas 
pipe-lines, and of electrical installations, are 
diabolical premonitions of terrorist times to 
come, engineered by loyal United States CIA 
Quislings in Venezuela and imperialist lackeys 
across the globe. The international infowar of 
illegitimacy of Venezuelan democracy has begun 
long ago, it will reach its zenith next year. 
Also this is part of the destabilization CIA 
manuals that the opposition currently is studying word by word.

Finally, in spite of our well-deserved electoral 
victories, already ten in a row, we should not 
relax on our laurels, should not be devoured by triumphalism.

Since August last year, seemingly the "whip of 
the counter-revolution" had left us in peace. In 
reality ... ignoring the lies and propaganda of 
the "escualidos" ... as can truly be witnessed 
everywhere, by just listening very carefully to 
the voice of the sovereign on all the Places of 
Bolivar, as can be heard on the streets of 
Venezuela, surreptitiously the very 
counter-revolution itself has penetrated the 
Bolivarian Revolution; to really win electoral 
support for the coming presidential elections, 
this evil plague has to be annihilated urgently.

In 1998, finally, the Venezuelan working masses 
have passed their electoral sentence on the 
"opposition," especially on Accion Democratica 
and COPEI, sending them straight towards QDEP, to a real rest in peace!

This political tragedy should never happen to the Bolivarian Revolution!

Very late, the call of Diana sounded, reached the 
government's TV channels and radio stations, did 
the real relevance of the parliamentary elections 
reach public opinion and consciousness. Apart 
from the heavy rains, that HAARP probably sent us 
as special Christmas electoral gift, this 
revolutionary fact is partially also reflected in the high abstention rate.

However, as planned for next year, the future 
"pluri-democratic," legislative parliament will 
make drastic and radical changes, in order to 
give this electoral State power a real, true, 
popular, participative base, in which, for the 
first time, Citizen Power will really appear, 
will make its own laws, will represent itself and 
will participate directly in national and world affairs.

For the plans of the new conquistadors, these 
revolutionary innovations, these socialist 
paradigms, are strychnine; hence, this is the 
reason for the permanent, megalomania, terrorist 
attacks on Venezuela's sovereignty.

Finally, to be victorious next year, our Diana 
has to call permanently, every second of the 
coming year. Yes, our revolutionary clarion call 
has to reach the entire globe.

As I stated a while ago, like Diana, even the galactic winds have to call:

¡Uh, Ah! Chavez no se va! Chavez doesn't go!

Franz J. T. Lee
<mailto:franzjutta at cantv.net>franzjutta at cantv.net

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