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The Cuban Revolution

On December 2, 1956, Castro and 82 others aboard the boat, Granma, landed in Cuba. Their numbers were quickly reduced by Batista's soldiers, but most of the important leaders made their way into the Sierra Maestra mountains. The rebel forces began to rely on the peasants for support.

Batista took to ruthlessly attacking pro-Castro towns, which only stirred up more support for the rebel leader. A movement in the cities began as well. Frank País, whom Castro had left in charge while in exile, began to attack the Batista government in various ways. Anti-Batista students, though not associated with the Castro-led group of rebels, unsuccesfully led an armed assault on the Presidential Palace.

Santa Clara was taken by Che Guevara's army, who then turned towards Havana. Santiago was surrendered without a fight. The forts in Havana also surrendered, and Castro's forces occupied the city, bringing their miliary victory to a close.

Using guerrilla tactics to fight Batista’s armed forces, and with the aid of other rebellions throughout Cuba, Castro forced Batista to resign and flee the country on January 1, 1959.

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