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This audio project is a supplement to the Catalyst Project Anne Braden Anti-Racist Training Program. These audio pieces are meant to be used in conjunction with the program’s political education reader. Too often radical history is kept from the people. Here you can hear the powerful voices and thoughts of people involved in the historic movements for racial and economic justice.

Hopefully you will find them inspiring and share them with your family, loved ones and communities.

As you listen, keep in mind some overarching themes:

Audio History
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James Baldwin

In this speech given in 1963 James Baldwin addresses the genocide and slave labor that is largely denied by the history of the 'formation' of the United States.

Indigenous Resistance - Part 1

Indigenous Resistance - Part 2
from Roots of Resistance

Black Liberation Part 1

Black Liberation Part 2

Global Resistance – South Africa

Global Resistance Africa to Palestine
from Roots of Resistance

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